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Birdhaus was founded in 2018 as a space where women in all areas of interest, industry and background, could meet. The guiding vision of its founder, Michelle Gasparovic, was to create a social club and workspace for independents, free thinkers, creatives, and dreamers that gives you a place to connect and make your purpose.

Within its first year, Birdhaus has become THE destination point for entrepreneurial-minded women in Zurich who want to connect, move forward with their professional life and find new friends.

True to the nature of life, a new path was formed for Michelle. She returns to California in May 2019, and has passed the vision and course over to the new owner of Birdhaus, Ana Paula Tediosi. Ana brings her own unique energy and experience to the space, while maintaining its true foundation of feminine warmth, belonging and inclusivity.

Birdhaus is more than a workspace, it's a life style

By joing the Birdhaus tribe, you find a place where you can be your true self. You feel empowered, productive, healthy and full-filled. We support you to succeed in your professional life, we will become your friends.

Birdhaus is where women can take care of themselves and take care of their tribe and take care of our planet.


Yes. Everything starts with you.
Your mind and your body are the key of your success.

At Birdhaus we make sure you can take care of yourself by providing you with a beautiful, calm and productive atmosphere to work. Healthy food and beverage options will help your body and mind to perform at their best, yoga meditation and other self-development sessions  will support you to keep your balance.

Your tribe

We are all individuals wanting to belong to a tribe.

Birdhaus is your tribe and way more. We make you feel welcome and surrounded by positive vibes when you work with us. Joining our tribe means you belong to a group of cool ladies, who are working to move forward their professional lives, who are living healthily and promote environmental conscious behaviors.

Your planet

We all live in this beautiful planet called earth and we need to preserve its beauty.

Birdhaus has been designed to be an environmentally friendly space. We limit the use of plastic. We support local suppliers who also embrace conscious behaviors. We provide only healthy and vegan food in reusable containers and jars. We aim for a minimum waist. We also help you to embrace this lifestyle by providing you with events and workshops on topic around sustainability.




Owner and General Manager

Volcano of ideas who does a bit of everything, she ensures your stay at Birdhaus is a unique experience.

Find out more about Ana here:
Ana's personal website



Marketing Manager and Host

A creative mind full of ideas who welcomes you with a gentle smile and creates marketing materials for Birdhaus.

Find out more about Sylwia here:
Sylwia's website



Event Manager and Host

Dynamic and energetic, she organizes Birdhaus events and makes sure you are informed about all our great activities.

Find out more about Samantha here:
Samantha's LinkedIn profile

Advisory Board


Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

Author and Founder of "A smart way to start"

Find out more about Mara here:
Mara's personal website


Nia Joynson-Romanzina

Founder and Director iCubed

Find out more about Nia here:
Nya's LinkedIn profile


Nadine Zdych

General Manager at EC-GROUP

Find out more about Nadine here:
Nadine's LinkedIn profile


Portrait Shooting adidas Digital Sports on December 2nd and 3rd in Laces, Herzogenaurach

Tjaša Štamulak

Digital Marketing Advisor

Find out more about Tjaša here:
Tjaša's LinkedIn profile


Julia Safronova

Finance Advisor

Find out more about Julia here:
Julia's LinkedIn profile


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