About Birdhaus


Birdhaus was founded in 2018 as a space where women in all areas of interest, industry and background could meet. The guiding vision of its founder, Michelle Gasparovic, was to create a social club and workspace for independents, free thinkers, creatives, and dreamers that gives you a place to connect and make your purpose.

Within its first year, Birdhaus has become THE destination point for entrepreneurial-minded women in Zurich. We are built by women and for women looking to make a connection in spirit and in life! We believe that kicking ass doesn’t mean kicking your own ass to get there. We believe in taking a moment, surrounding yourself with inspiration, and aspiring to blaze your own trail.

True to the nature of life, a new path was formed for Michelle. She returns to California in the Fall of 2019, and has passed the vision and course over to the new owner of Birdhaus, Ana Paula Tediosi. Ana brings her own unique energy and excitement to the space, while maintaining its true foundation of friendship and inclusivity.

We are all looking for connection. We are all looking for moments to share. Birdhaus is here for you for that purpose. We’ve created the physical space where the connection starts. Where it takes you is limitless.

Birdhaus is located in the historic Hürlimann Areal in Zürich. We are so excited for you to visit Zürich’s first Social Club and Workspace for Women. Follow us on LinkedIn, or check out @birdhaussocial on Instagram and Twitter We have a lot more to share, and we want you to be there with us every step of the way.

We can't wait to meet you.

Ana and the entire Birdhaus team


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