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Join us and experience the support you need to bring your book to life.

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Embarking on the journey of writing a book is like setting sail on a literary sea. Birdhaus stands as your guiding lighthouse, offering unparalleled opportunity to have your own crew helping through the journey.

Birdhaus Accountability Group convenes through regular video meetings to ensure your book project stays on track. We provide constructive feedback, offer a safe space for you to share your vision and challenges, and most importantly, celebrate your successes. Join us and experience the support you need to bring your book to life.

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The Call of Creative Writing

As the enchanting melody of creative writing weaves its delicate threads into the fabric of your soul, Birdhaus stands as the conductor orchestrating a symphony of self-expression. Here, the mere act of writing transcends; it transforms into an intimate dance, a lyrical interplay between the writer and the boundless realms of imagination. Answering the call of creative writing is not just an initiation; it's a passage into a magical realm, where each sentence casts a spell, and every paragraph unveils doorways to unexplored dimensions of storytelling.


Unlock the Tapestry of Creative Expression

Step into the realm of boundless creativity through Birdhaus's immersive accountability groups —a digital space  crafted for aspiring wordsmiths and seasoned authors alike. Immerse yourself in the sheer delight of storytelling, where each word is a vibrant brushstroke painting the canvas of your imagination.

Writing for All Ages, All Languages, All Genders

Whether you're a budding children's book author or diving into the depths of adult fiction, Birdhaus caters to writers of all ages. The magic lies in crafting stories that transcend generational boundaries. Regardless of the languages used, Birdhaus offers comprehensive guidance that transcends linguistic barriers, genres, and audience demographics. It embodies the essence of effective communication, emphasizing the importance of the process itself. 

Nurturing Your Story:
From Idea to Manuscript


Embark on a literary journey with Birdhaus

Embark on a literary journey with Birdhaus, where the nurturing of a story unfolds from the delicate seed of an idea to the flourishing manuscript. It's not just about writing; it's about cultivating the essence of your narrative, watching it sprout into a fully-fledged story under the expert guidance of seasoned wordsmiths. Birdhaus invites aspiring authors to be the gardeners of their literary creations, fostering wording that blossom into captivating tales.

The Spark of an Idea

Every great book begins with a spark. Birdhaus ignites your creativity, helping you refine that initial idea into a concept that's ready to bloom.

Crafting a Masterpiece

Turn your blank page into a masterpiece. Birdhaus guides you through the process of crafting a compelling narrative, providing the tools to breathe life into your characters and settings.

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Community accountability 

Join Birdhaus Community and experience the support your need to bring your book to life!

At Birdhaus, we believe that writing is a journey best taken with others. That's why our writing and publishing support is not just about editing strategies, but also about building an inclusive and supportive community of writers. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space for writers of all backgrounds and experiences to come together, share their work, and learn from one another. Because at Birdhaus, we believe that everyone's voice deserves to be heard.

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Spark Your Imagination through Literary Adventures

Embark on a transformative odyssey of self-discovery and literary exploration with Birdhaus Writers Accountability Group. These aren't mere sessions; they're dynamic experiences, meticulously crafted to unleash your creative prowess. Understanding what drives you into your writers journals, crafting your target audience, and becoming part of a vibrant community fueled by shared passion and perpetual learning. In our writing classes, every word you inscribe marks a stride toward mastering the craft and realizing your writing aspirations.


Workshops and Programs

Birdhaus offers workshops and programs that foster a sense of belonging. From skill-building sessions to collaborative projects, community accountability ensures you stay on track toward your literary goals.

A Haven for Aspiring Writers

Birdhaus is more than a platform; it's a haven, a creative sanctuary for aspiring writers seeking not only guidance but a nurturing environment to cultivate their craft. Within these digital walls, your literary dreams are not only supported but celebrated, enveloped by mentors and fellow wordsmiths who are genuinely invested in seeing you flourish. Unleash your creativity in this haven, where the journey from aspiring author to accomplished storyteller unfolds in a tapestry of support and shared passion.

Tailored for Beginners

If you're new to the world of writing, Birdhaus provides a welcoming space. Our beginner-friendly approach demystifies the writing process, making it accessible to all.


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Crafting Stories in Every Language

At Birdhaus, we celebrate the universality of storytelling by providing a space where creativity knows no linguistic boundaries. Whether you weave tales in English, French, or any language that dances with your imagination, our community embraces the diversity of narratives. Join us, and let's craft stories that resonate across cultures, uniting hearts through the power of words.

Multilingual Opportunities

Birdhaus recognizes the beauty of storytelling in diverse languages. Explore multilingual workshops that celebrate cultural richness and linguistic diversity.


The Power of Community Feedback

Within the dynamic realm of Birdhaus, we champion the transformative influence of collaborative feedback. Your fellow wordsmiths aren't merely companions on this creative voyage; they stand as invaluable allies in honing your craft. Embrace the nuances of constructive critique, revel in shared triumphs, and watch your writing metamorphose under the collective wisdom of our nurturing community. Together, we amplify the potential of every narrative, ensuring that each manuscript emerges fortified, refined, and poised to enthrall readers across the globe.


Expert Guidance

In addition to peer feedback, Birdhaus provides expert guidance from seasoned authors and writing coaches. Benefit from the collective wisdom of a community dedicated to your success.

Collaborative Critique

Receive constructive feedback from your writing peers. Birdhaus's community-driven approach encourages collaboration, ensuring your work undergoes valuable critique for improvement.


Course Instructor


Meet Ana

Learn from an experienced writer and book coach.

My name is Ana, I´m a mom with an established corporate career and the author of two books. I'm the founder of Birdhaus Writers, a digital community for writers who are looking to write and publish their books. Since 2020, I've been helping writers transform their book dreams into reality. Since then, I proudly display Birdhaus Writers on my bookshelf, and I’m looking forward to having more!

Birdhaus Published Writers


Thank you to the Birdhaus Writers Group with Ana Tediosi, Elodie, Francesca, Ruzica and Sandra for your continuous support through this process. It has been amazing living this book writting journey together despite the hardships of life and lockdowns.


Lisa Falco

Author of Go Figure
/ TEDx speaker


To my fellow Birdhaus Writers and Ana, thank you for creating the best accountability space to make the wtiting actually happen! Our forthnightly meetings behind our screens throughout the pandemic and sharing our writing journeys will always be a part of birthing this book.


Sandra Mckhail

Author of Gut Chronicles


Thank you Ana (& other) from Birdhaus Writers Group for your consistent cheering, sharing and guidance. 


Elodie Caucigh

Author of Easily You

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