Francesca Poggi

Graphic Design, layout and publication


Francesca Poggi is an Italian graphic designer: after studying Industrial Design at the University of Genova and a post-degree master in Brand Communication in Milano, she worked for five years in communication agencies there. In January 2018 she moved to Zurich and started her own business, Bright Lines Graphic Design Studio, to work and focus on her big passions: layout design and papers for printing matters.

Francesca has an absolutely positive attitude, loves to meet new people and share her talent and expertise with the community.


In a world full of complex information, it's my passion to make sure your message gets heard.

Thanks to my excellent communication, layout and organizational skills, this branch is my core business. It regards the delicate process of integrating text with graphic elements or images to visually support the content. My job is to create reader-friendly material, easily understandable and well organized, in order to engage the audience with visuals that catch the eye.

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