Dr. Friederike Kunath

Writing Coach


Dr. Friederike Kunath studied German Language & Literature and Protestant Theology in Germany. After doing her theological Phd in Berlin, she moved to Uster near Zurich in Switzerland. She got divorced, became a writing coach, founded her own company together with her partner Franz Tóth, and started becoming a jazz-singer.


Her company SchreibStimme is located in Uster (ZH) and offers courses, coaching and services in the areas of writing, speaking and video creation.


Friederike has always loved to express herself through writing and is intrigued by the power of writing for self-development. She helps writers, bloggers, pastors, students and phd-students finishing their texts and improving their writing. She empowers and inspires them to find their own authentic expression and to be successful from the inside out.



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Friederike guide you to find your best writing way.

Blogging, PHD Dissertation, book... it doesn't  matter what kind of text you are working on, she will help you to put your words on the paper!

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