Olga Bushkova

Photographer, virtual tours & 360 photography


Olga Bushkova is a Zürich based photographer and artist. In 2011 Olga moved to Switzerland from Russia, following her husband who got job in Google Zurich.

Since 2013 Olga is working professionally as a Google Trusted Photographer and has  published more than 200 Google virtual tours for various businesses across Switzerland.

As an artist Olga is working on her personal projects in a form of photo-books. Her first book "A Google Wife" was published in 2017 by Spanish publisher Dalpine. Since 2012 Olga was working on her second book "How I tried to convince my husband to have children". This work was recently selected and exhibited in photography art museum Photoforum Pasquart in Biel/Bienne.

This January OIga has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to publish her book with Italian publisher Witty Books.


Being a Google Trusted Photographer, I have more than 6 years of experience making Google 360° virtual tours. I'm specialising in help businesses to present their space digitally, to highlight their special atmosphere and to attract new clients. My goal is to give my clients something more than just pictures: a new virtual experience for their customers.


It can be a co-working space, a cafe, a shop, a hotel, a gallery or a practice, which can be presented as a 360° tour. I’m especially proud of virtual tours that I made for clients who were ready to be creative, to experiment and to present their customers with something special.

My job is often not only to highlight and present the business space in a special and best way, but also to introduce the people of this space, to highlight a soul of it.

At the same time I'm interested in power of photography as a strong storytelling tool.

I'm author of two personal photography books: "A Google Wife" and "How I tried to convince my husband to have children".


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