Tsitaliya Mircheva-Petrova

Digital Content Strategist and Personal Brand Consultant


Tsitaliya Mircheva helps creative entrepreneurs and women in business communicate the value of their brand to their audience so they can achieve their marketing goals. Her mission is to build iconic, trustworthy brands through meaningful stories, the art of visual and word storytelling and sustainable content strategies.


Consultant for creative and effective content, copywriting and visuals creation for professionals who want to develop their Personal Brand.

Offer for 4 hours


People are googling you at every stage of your career. What they find can have major implications for your professional and personal developement. Don’t lose out opportunities over something you can control:  your Personal Brand.

  • Clarity Session where we will identify your main message, your key skills, who is your target audience and how you want to be found online. Assessment of your current online presence (2 hours)
  • Draft a strategy how to cultivate the Personal Image you want to have online (1 hour)
  • Map out 3 steps on how you can market yourself (1 hour)

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