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  • November 1, 2019 - January 1, 2020
    08:00 - 17:00

The act of writing and publishing a book seems like solitary work, but it isn’t!


Birdhaus Writers is an accountability group for female writers who want to bring their books from  concept to publication. Thanks to facilitated monthly group meetings, expert advice, and a series of events and workshops, we will help you bring your book to life! 


Inclusion criteria:

  • You can write in any language and any kind of book genre.
  • Your book stage can be from idea to editing phase.
  • We ask for a minimum 6 months of commitment to be able to create a committed group.
  • We want you to be ready to share ideas, support others and have fun!

Meetings Dates: Last Wednesday of the month from 11:00 to 14:00 

29th January , 26th February , 25th March , 29th April , 27th May , 24th June

To join Birdhaus Writers Group your have to be a Birdhaus member


If you are interested to join the group, send us an email info(at) 

Experts Profiles

Dr. Friederike Kunath studied German Language & Literature and Protestant Theology in Germany. After doing her theological Phd in Berlin, she moved to Uster near Zurich in Switzerland. She got divorced, became a writing coach, founded her own company together with her partner Franz Tóth, and started becoming a jazz-singer. 

Her company SchreibStimme is located in Uster (ZH) and offers courses, coaching and services in the areas of writing, speaking and video creation.

Friederike has always loved to express herself through writing and is intrigued by the power of writing for self-development. She helps writers, bloggers, pastors, students and phd-students finishing their texts and improving their writing. She empowers and inspires them to find their own authentic expression and to be successful from the inside out.




Cindia grew up keenly aware of food traditions and storytelling, and she has been reading since she was three. Possessing an insatiable curiosity about the world, travel and exploring cultures became a passion. While working as a consultant, dining became one of the few ways to find quiet time or to celebrate. 

Having worked internationally in IT and management consulting, and for organizations like the United Nations and Swiss Banking, she brings her vast business experience to publishing. She is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and engaging the senses for new ways of storytelling. 

Cindia and her husband share the cultures from countries as diverse as Germany, United States, China and Australia, and they live in Switzerland and sometimes Slovakia (yes, another story). There they celebrate the best of their diverse cultural backgrounds and enjoy exploring through travel, reading, spending time in nature, and tasting all that life has to offer. 

“The Spice Temple – The Journey Beings” is the first of six novels. She looks forward to sharing the Journey with you! 




Francesca Poggi is an Italian graphic designer: after studying Industrial Design at the University of Genova and a post-degree master in Brand Communication in Milano, she worked for five years in communication agencies there. In January 2018 she moved to Zurich and started her own business, Bright Lines Graphic Design Studio, to work and focus on her big passions: layout design and papers for printing matters. 

Francesca has an absolutely positive attitude, loves to meet new people and share her talent and expertise with the community. 



Ana Paula Tediosi is a Swiss-Brazilian working mom fervent advocate of gender equality and sustainable lifestyle. After studying Pharmacology at the University of Geneva, she moved to Zurich, where lives and works with her husband and two children. President of a female NGO, owner of the first and unique women social club and workspace in Zurich Birdhaus, Ana is also founder of a working mom blog and book writer.  Her first novel Next 9 has been published in Italian and English.



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