Getting Paid Your Worth As A Woman Entrepreneur

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  • September 24, 2019
    12:00 - 13:00

Do you recognize the following?

  • You take on clients and projects you know you shouldn’t because they’re not in your zone of genius, but you do, because… well, money.
  • You work really long days (like, really, really long days…) and yet you don’t have a fat bank account to show for it.
  • You avoid having the fee conversation with potential clients for as long as you can, because talking about money makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • And when you then do have the conversation, you end up with less-than-stellar results, giving discounts and over-promising, just to get the deal done?
  • You wish you could just do the work that you love, the work you went into business for in the first place, and not have to do all this “sales stuff”?
  • Are you ever scared that your business might go under because there’s not enough money coming in?

If you recognise this, you are in luck – no, really!


On Tuesday, September 24, Wies Bratby of Women In Negotiation, will run a lunch time session at Birdhaus for women entrepreneurs who provide B2B services, on how they can get paid their worth and have their businesses thrive and their personal lives flourish . Wies will be talking about how to price your services appropriately and how to have these fee conversations in a comfortable and authentic way, that still get great results.



Wies, a former lawyer and HR director, started Women In Negotiation, a coaching and consulting firm, originally focusing on teaching professional women negotiate their careers and salaries, when she realized women across the world desperately need this life and business skill. Since then, she has branched out to teach negotiation skills to fellow women entrepreneurs and helped them triple their incomes and slash their hours within months of working together. Wies reached the top 1% of coaches (who earn USD250K+ annually) within 15 months of starting her own business. She is keen to share her learnings with fellow women entrepreneurs.


Please register by 3pm the day before. A delicious vegan lunch will be provided by one of our suppliers. 

Please read the lunch session policy HERE



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