IGNITE YOUR LIFE FOR WOMEN: Book Launch and Author Panel



  • June 27, 2019
    18:00 - 20:00

IGNITE YOUR LIFE FOR WOMEN Author Panel and Book launch with Astuti Martosudirdjo “Uplift! A journey from Burnout to Inner Peace” and Deepanjali Sapkota. “Life through the lens of unconditional Love”

From women to women, “Ignite Your Life for Women” book takes readers on epic journeys as 35 women describe their IGNITE moments that transformed their lives. They faced life crisis such as divorce, grave illnesses, financial ruins, grief, burnout, etc head on and rose. Their vivid and heartfelt account will inspire others to pursue their dreams and go after their greatest desires

Astuti Martosudirdjo is a Life Coach and Subconscious Mind Reprogrammer who support Achievement Addicts and Procrastinators to transform themselves into Uplifted Go-Getters, ones who deliver deeper and bigger impacts whilst feeling fulfilled, energized, and peaceful, free of depletion and scatteredness. Zurich-based.

Deepanjali Sapkota wakes up in awe to be alive, save millions of lives through The Global Fund for Malaria, TB and HIV AIDS; educates people about the heart language and helps both adults and children to learn the skills to be happy. She is a Board member of Global Inner Fitness (World’s First Self-Love GYM)https://www.globalinnerfitness.org/. Geneva-based



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