Manifest & Align to Your Dreams

Manifest and align to your dreams


  • October 29, 2019
    18:30 - 20:00
Manifest & align to your dreams. What to practice and what to avoid when creating the life of your dreams.
Have you ever wanted something so baldy that you ended up pushing it away? Do you sometimes feel you don’t deserve the magical life you secretly dream of? Are you too busy and too tired for imaging another life as the one you currently live? Or did you even stop believing that there is more out there for you? Michelle and Heidi have been through the rollercoaster experience of creating lives they love. In this talk, they will share with you what to practice, avoid, and watch out for when it comes to aligning yourself to your dreams.

Michelle de Matheu, aka The Soul Stylist is a spiritual life and business coach, celebrity stylist and fashion consultant. Michelle brings to the table her beautifully unique approach to personal development. Blending creativity, consciousness and authentic self-expression, Michelle coaches her clients to become more empowered, focussed and ready to make a difference in the world.

Michelle’s spirited energy is contagious, inspiring everyone in her path to connect with her own life philosophy: magic happens when we challenge ourselves to create from the inside out. Her personal mission is to help people stay committed to a spiritual practice, motivated, and inspired to live a happier and better life in and out of the office.


Heidi Hauer is a health and wellness coach, speaker and corporate leader deeply passionate about supporting high-achievers and rising stars chase big dreams, true health and a greater work-life balance. Working in the magic spot where nutrition, mindset and ambition meet, Heidi guides her clients to prioritise their physical and emotional wellbeing so they can reach their full potential – not just in their careers but in their wider life and relationships.

Heidi’s approach is both grounding and spiritually elevating, connecting physical and energic practices that allow her clients to finally see themselves as one whole being. This ensures the development of a truly holistic lifestyle that nourishes, motivates, fulfils and heals every aspect of the self.



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