Organic Mondays: Learn More About Their Plastic Free Period Products

Organic Mondays


  • November 11, 2019
    12:00 - 13:00

Organic Mondays is an online subscription for plastic free, organic cotton period products.

In this lunch session, Mondays’ 5 core beliefs will be covered in detail:

-We believe period products should be plastic free and we are on a mission to make others as
passionate about this as we are.

-We believe business can be a force for good, we all have a responsibility to our planet and we are
committed to living by that.

-We believe periods should’t hold anyone back.  PERIOD. That is why we support women who are
following their dreams and are passionate about doing “more of what they love!”

-We believe that employers should provide women with period products in the workplace.  It is after
all an essential product, just like toilet paper!

-We believe that with your help we can make change happen, in an industry dominated by global
giants we offer YOU authenticity


More about Organic Mondays:

Frustrated with how time consuming it was to buy plastic free period products…
Nancy Saddington, a former KPMG chartered accountant, and Elisabeth Dewey, a former investment banker, founded Mondays to blend the desire of modern women to save time in their busy lives and yet still shop


Please register by 3pm the day before. A delicious vegan lunch will be provided by one of our suppliers. 


Please read the lunch session policy HERE





Venue Phone: 044 281 95 05

Venue Website:

Brandschenkestrasse 150, Zürich, Zürich, 8002, Switzerland


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