Talk with a Lawyer



  • November 11, 2019
    18:00 - 19:30


Opening a business is great. You finally are the master of yourself and you can develop your ideas as you prefer.

But are you well equipped? Do you know all legal details on how to build your business?


If you have questions about:

  • How to protect your brand and register your trademark and logo
  • Difference between sole proprietorship and GmbH
  • How to register your business in the Zurich Handelsregister (commercial register)
  • How to write terms & conditions and legal disclaimers

This event is for you. During this session with Michael Kunz, Senior Legal Associateat MME, you will able to clarify all legal points needed to start and grow your own company.


Michael Kunz  Bio: 

Michael Kunz joined MME in 2017. He previously worked as an attorney at a leading Swiss legal protection insurance company and worked for several organizations in the greater Seattle area after passing the Washington State bar exam. Michael Kunz focuses his practice on the areas of contract law, fintech and distributed ledger technology regulation. Furthermore, he is engaged in the areas of intellectual property law, technology transfer and intellectual property licensing.

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