Yoga Tune Up

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  • October 15, 2019
    09:00 - 10:00


Yoga Tune Up is not a style of yoga, but rather a movement therapy format that incorporates practices such as corrective exercise and self massage with therapy-balls into a yoga centered class. This work is designed to improve mobility (physical freedom) increase strength (physical boundaries) release and balance bound and stuck muscles and connective tissue, and most importantly to educate each student about their body biomechanics and enrich their life with new movement possibilities.


Megan’s Bio

For me, yoga began as a mere way to ease pain from a childhood back injury, but quickly grew into an in-depth exploration of the body/mind’s potential for optimal function. My teaching is informed by years of experience and education in yoga asana and philosophy. Most recently, I have completed the level one certification in Yoga Tune Up—a self care method that combines self-massage with yoga, breath work and corrective exercise.

My passion for yoga philosophy and storytelling and my interest in therapeutic alignment inspire classes that are challenging, educational, lighthearted and playful, yet deeply nourishing. It is my wish to create an uplifting and safe space to encourage growth and transformation.


Find more about Megan’s yoga classes here 


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