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The country bird

The Country Birds are joyful free spirits that fly in a storm, safely surrounded by their similars. They love to tweet with other birds, watch the beautiful landscape, observing other birds´ behaviors. At the first opportunity, they will fly and follow some interesting trail. They feel happy and when they can take care of themselves. Country Birds feel empowered when their way of being and behaving can help other birds to feel fulfilled and beautiful.


The night bird

The night birds are elegant individuals moved by a strong sense of duty. They constantly think about how to secure their homes and their family by developing their skills. Their strong sense of duty makes them the perfect companions when it comes to help other birds. They love to share their resources and support other birds with their competences. Night birds do not only observe the world from their branc, they also work hard to ensure the forest is a safe and abounded place for everyone.


The sea bird

The sea birds are calm and focused, which fly over the ocean while enjoying the fresh air and following the flow. They will ensure the hearth remains a beautiful, clean and peaceful place to live. They will work together to make other birds understand they all live in one world and everyone is responsible for its equilibrium. Sea Birds will live by example by eating only plants and taking their time to calmly enjoy their surroundings.


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