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Birdhaus is a membership-based women's club and coworking space, filled with women from all interests and industries. We've created a beautiful, functional, and inclusive environment where you can spend your days dreaming, connecting, or getting down to business. With tons of events and classes to inspire you, Birdhaus is a place where creativity meets possibility.

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Michelle Gasparovic

Hello! My name is Michelle.
I am so excited to share with you my vision of Birdhaus, a social club and coworking space for independents, free thinkers, creatives, and dreamers that gives you a place to connect and make your purpose.

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Only a five-minute walk from Bahnhof Enge or the Bahnhof Enge/Bederstrasse stop on the 5/13/17 trams. We're located at the historic Hürlimann Areal, next to Google and the B2 Hotel.

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Upcoming events

Members-Only Yoga with @yogaholicsunited (DE/EN)

When Wednesdays, 9:00 - 10:00

Cost Free, Members only

Through her studio, Yogaholics United, founder Karin Circelli offers an oasis where you can "leave your comfort zone and discover your true potential." You can expect that same guiding principle every Wednesday morning when Karin brings her positive and nurturing spirit to Birdhaus.

Expect a traditional and effective Tantra Hatha Yoga class, following the process of Vinyasa Krama to leave you ready (but not sweaty!) to take on your day. Slow down to reach your full potential.

Feminine Embodiment:
Feel, Flow, Fire - A three part series with Miriam Ropschitz (EN)

When November 14, 28, and December 12, 19:00 - 21:00 (Workshops can be attended individually but are recommended as a series)

Cost Members CHF 60 / Non-Members CHF 65 single session. 15% discount if purchased as a series: Members CHF 155 / Non-Members CHF 170

Sign Up Members and Non-Members, reserve your space HERE

What's the point in spiritual practices if they can't be integrated into every day life?

FEEL, FLOW, FIRE is a three-part feminine embodiment series offering busy, working women ways to invite more nourishment, relaxation and intimacy into their lives.

Each workshop combines theory, group exercises and practical applications to take home and use by yourself.

Participants are encouraged to attend all three courses, and receive 15% off the price when bought as a package.

Part One: "Feel" (November 14, 19-21:00)
Participants will learn:

  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy according to Tantra and Taoism
  • How to find harmonious balance between inner-masculine and inner-feminine
  • Breath work and meditation techniques for relaxation and greater presence in everyday life
  • Ways to open the body to greater sensitivity

Part Two: "Flow" (November 28, 19:21:00)
Participants will learn:

  • How to unlock the four phases of the Menstrual Cycle for increased energy, vitality and creativity
  • The 7 Feminine Archetypes
  • Invoking the Queen archetype
  • Heart-opening practices – meditation and self-massage

Part Three: "Fire" (December 12, 19-21:00)
Participants will learn:

  • Accessing feminine power in times of challenge – rituals, practices and theory
  • Understanding and embodying boundaries with group practice
  • Introduction to the jade egg (just theory)
  • Embodied movement practice

Kundalini Yoga with Sandra Weber (EN/DE)

When Saturday, 17 November, 9:00 - 10:30

Cost Members CHF 15 / Non-Members CHF 25

Includes Yoga class, refreshments, admission to Birdhaus for the day

Sign Up Members HERE / Non-Members HERE

Join Sandra for an energetic and beautifully relaxing morning Kundalini class. Kundalini is known as the yoga of awareness. It includes movement, breathwork, meditation, mudras (hand positions) and mantras.

Class includes a light snack and tea, and participants are invited to work at Birdhaus for the day.

Storytelling for your business with Ancilla Schmidhauser (EN)

When Tuesday, 20 November, 18:30 - 20:30

Cost Members CHF 50 / Non-Members CHF 60

Sign Up Members HERE / Non-Members HERE

Your individual stories will make you more successful in your business. Putting your strengths and differences in good stories can make a big difference.

Learn about:

  • Why are stories the most effective communication.
  • What exactly makes a good story, and why is it helpful for your business.
  • What is the most successful story to be told.
  • How to integrate stories into your communication and marketing.

Who benefits from this course?

  • You are planning to start your own business and are thinking about your powerful positioning and communication.
  • You have already started with your business but are looking for the boost in communication.
  • You have to communicate often to customers or employees and are looking for a more effective communication tool.

The Future of Feminine - Sisterhood Secrets with Nicole Stadler (DE)

When Wednesday, 21 November, 19:00 - 21:00

Cost Members CHF 50 / Non-Members CHF 65

Sign Up Members HERE / Non-Members HERE

At our next Women's Circle, @nicoleannastadler will explore "Sisterhood Secrets":

  • We share our feminine rituals which support us in stepping into our power and true authenticity
  • We learn about our sisterhood secrets which help us to build inner strength and connect deeper with our essence
  • We will discuss many small but important everyday actions which really give us energy and connect us to our heart.
  • We will discuss how to get rid of annoying energy robbers.
  • We examine through which old habits and patterns we sometimes still lose our inner connection and power and we find ways how to find a way back.
  • We practice group sharings, meditation, reflection and some uplifting physical exercises which give us energy immediately.

New Business, New You - Your Time, Your Capsule workshop with Right Point, Signature Five, and Girlfriends Guide to Zürich (EN)

When Thursday, 29 November, 18:30 - 22:00

Cost Members CHF 65 / Non-Members CHF 79

Sign Up Special Event Link HERE - Members, email for discount code

In the third part of the incredibly popular New Business, New You series, Claire Corbett of Right Point Consulting, and Monika Mueller of Signature Five, present Your Time, Your Capsule.

In this presentation, you will get powerful insights on how to achieve that important time balance when starting up and running your own business. Claire and Monika will show you how to take care of you and your family while making your business a success.

You want to be stylish and professionally dressed while managing your time. Monika will share her pro tips for creating a stylish capsule wardrobe so you don’t have to spend time wondering what to wear.

Special Guest speaker Angelica, co-founder of Girlfriends Guide to Zürich, will share how to overcome some of the major challenges to being a business owner in Switzerland.

Join us for this stylish, social, and fun evening where you will meet other inspiring and like-minded women.

Intuitive Eating and brunch with Caitlin Ball (EN)

When Saturday, December 1, 9:00 - 12:00

Cost Members CHF 75 / Non-Members CHF 85

Sign Up Members HERE / Non-Members HERE

The holidays are coming and it’s time to get prepared so you can eat, drink, and enjoy the festivities without feeling guilty or stuffed the whole season.

Does this sound like you come December?

  • You already have plans to diet or “get back on track” with food and exercise come January?
  • You have a hard time stopping once you start eating?
  • You get overwhelmed by all the holiday activities and have a hard time taking care of yourself?
  • Stress causes you to to eat and act in a way that doesn’t align with your best self?

If this describes you, or you just want to learn about Intuitive Eating, join Health and Lifestyle Coach Caitlin Ball for this discussion and brunch. She will teach you how to fully take care of yourself during this holiday season, skills which you can use year-round. Learn Caitlin’s five steps for a feel-good holiday, followed by a lesson in mindful eating while enjoying a delicious vegan brunch from Green Daga.

Coming Soon

13 November Back to Business: An Information Seminar for Women (EN)

14 November Introduction to Podcasting (Lunchtime Course)

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