Free Masterclass

How to Write & Publish Your Book

FREE MASTERCLASS for aspiring book authors who want to write and publish their book.
Learn the process to get your book into your readers hands ASAP!


Free Masterclass

How to Write & Publish Your Book

FREE MASTERCLASS for aspiring book authors who want to write and publish their book.
Learn the process to get your book into your readers hands ASAP!

Bring your book idea to life


Watch the Masterclass

Learn A-Z process to get your book into

your readers hands ASAP!


80% of aspiring writers never finish first draft!

In the grand tapestry of would-be writers, over 80% never make it past the first draft and those who do often find themselves lost in the maze of publishing. But don't let these statistics deter you; instead, let them motivate you to join our Free Birdhaus Writers Masterclass. Here, you'll embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the mysteries of the writing process and the intricacies of publishing.

With the BIRDHAUS WRITERS MASTERCLASS, you're not just a passive observer but an active participant in your literary evolution. You'll acquire the tools to break through the notorious writer's block, structure your ideas into a compelling outline narratives, and strategize your publication pathway to navigate the intricate web of publication. This masterclass is your beacon in the stormy sea of the writing world, guiding you through the process with precision and expertise.
And the best part? It's absolutely free. Your dreams of becoming an author are within reach, and this masterclass is your first step toward realizing them. Don't let uncertainty hold you back; join us, and let's set your writing journey in motion today.

The problem

Writers often encounter obstacles and may abandon their manuscripts due to a variety of reasons.

Lack of time

Aspiring authors struggle to find time for writing "I'm too busy to write a book!"

Writers block

Writers-to-be experience the famous writer's block and find themselves unable to continue "I'm stuck and don't know how to proceed."

Incorrect expectations

First time authors underestimate the complexities involved in publishing a book, initially assuming that writing is the hard part.  "I had no idea publishing a book could be so intricate!"

Fear & insecurity

Fears and insecurities often hinder writers from pursuing their book dreams. "Why should I continue when so many books on this topic have already been published?"

If you recognise yourself in these sentences, this free masterclass is for you!  


The Gift of Knowledge

What sets the BIRDHAUS WRITERS MASTERCLASS apart? The answer is simple: it's free. I believe that knowledge should be accessible to all aspiring writers. In my free masterclass, you'll have the opportunity to learn from an experienced author and writing coach who not only has walked the path you aspire to tread but helped other people to do the same. 

This masterclass is the culmination of my personal journey and extensive experience as a published author. Through one-on-one sessions and accountability groups, I honed the curriculum to provide the best tools and strategies for your writing adventure.

Meet Ana

Learn from an experienced writer and book coach

My name is Ana, I´m a mom with an established corporate career and the author of two books. I'm the founder of Birdhaus Writers, a digital community for writers who are looking to write and publish their books. Since 2020, I've been helping writers transform their book dreams into reality. Since then, I proudly display Birdhaus Writers on my bookshelf, and I’m looking forward to having more!


What You'll Learn

The FREE BIRDHAUS WRITERS MASTERCLASS is a journey of transformation, designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to bring your book idea to life writing dreams to fruition. As your guide on this journey , I am committed to empowering you to achieve your authors goals.

Throughout the course, you'll gain profound insights into the following key areas:


Discover the treasure trove of tools (including AI!) that will be your trusted companions on your writer's journey. With the right instruments at your disposal, you'll craft stories that leap from the page and into the hearts of your readers. 

I'll illuminate every corner of the intricate labyrinth of book creation. From the very inception of your idea to the triumphant moment of publication, we'll explore each phase with clarity and purpose.

Your writing isn't just about words; it's a reflection of your creative and personal aspirations. Together, we'll ensure that your book aligns perfectly with your unique vision and objectives, making it a true extension of your soul.

We'll unveil strategies that not only help you cross the finish line but sprint towards it. No more unfinished tales gathering dust; you'll be a writer who accomplishes what they set out to achieve.

In the bustling world of publishing, you'll need a strategy that stands out. I'll guide you in crafting a blueprint for success, enabling your book to thrive in the competitive realm of literature.

Your journey as a writer is an incredible adventure and I am here to champion your cause. As your mentor, my commitment to your success knows no bounds. This masterclass is more than just a course; it's an adventure into the realm of possibilities. So, join me, and let's set your writing dreams free. Your story begins now.

Ready to Begin?

Are you ready to transform your aspirations into accomplishments? The BIRDHAUS WRITERS MASTERCLASS offers you the tools, guidance, and knowledge to unlock your writing potential. This free masterclass is your chance to embark on a writing journey with a trusted mentor and a community of like-minded writers. Together, we can bring your book idea to life! Turn your writing dreams into reality.


Watch the Masterclass

Learn A-Z process to get your book into

your readers hands ASAP!


Curious to know more?

If you are eager to explore every facet of the book-writing process, define your book strategies, and work with the Birdhaus Writer Workbook, consider taking a closer look at our Birdhaus Writers Online Course. It's the next step in your journey towards becoming a published author.
And for those who crave accountability and camaraderie, the Birdhaus Writers Accountability Group might be your ideal choice. It's the support system you need to stay motivated and committed to your writing goals.
Don't let your dream of becoming an author remain a dream. Enroll in our Free Birdhaus Writers Masterclass today, and let's work together to make your writing aspirations a reality.

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