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Do you have an irresistible urge to write that book burning deep
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Look no further! The Birdhaus Writers Online Courses
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With the comprehensive 5-module Birdhaus Online course, you'll gain access to:

Writers Workbook

The Birdhaus Writers Workbook is available in both Notion and Excel formats for your convenience.

10-15 minute concise lessons

Concise lessons from 10 to 15 minutes, guiding you through every step of your book project. From discovering your motivation to implementing highly effective promotion activities, this course covers all the steps.

Guided Excercises

Guided exercises to identify your target audience, craft a compelling outline, and complete your first draft.

Expert Guidance

Expert guidance on strategizing your ideal publishing pathway.

Book Launch Checklist

A handy book launch checklist to ensure a successful launch.

Case Study

A case study on selecting the perfect book title.

Unlock your writing potential with Birdhaus Writers Online Courses and make your mark in the literary world!

Feeling that itch to pen down that story bubbling in your soul? The Birdhaus Writers Online Courses are your golden ticket to turning those dreams into well-crafted stories. Let's embark on this literary journey together, where imagination knows no bounds.

Module 1

Shaping Your Great Book Idea


Unlock Your Writer Potential

Discover the untapped potential within you as we guide you through the intricacies of creative writing. It's not just about words; it's about your vision, your motivation, and your audience. With the aid of proper tools, such as the Birdhaus Writers Workbook, your book idea can be transformed into reality within a matter of months.

The Power of Strategy

Unveil the strategy to keep the writing fire burning. Stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and understand your audience—keys to crafting a story that resonates.


1. Introduction

2. Book Goals and Motivation

3. Audience and Your Book Elevator Pitch

4. The Writer's Toolkit and how to write with AI

Module 2

Writing your Book


Master the Art of Writing

It's time to dive into the heart of the matter—writing. Module 2 sets the stage for crafting compelling narratives, transporting readers to the worlds you create.

Outlining Your Masterpiece

Craft a roadmap for your story with a well-designed outline. It's the blueprint that keeps your narrative on track, ensuring a smooth and engaging read.

Strategies for Completion

Module 2 isn't just about starting; it's about finishing. Explore strategies to keep the writing momentum going, ensuring you cross the finish line with your first draft and continue your book journey into editing and publication.


1. Outline

2. Writing Strategies

3. Book Structure

Module 3

Editing Your Manuscript


Edit, Refine, Polish, Perfect

No great story is born without a touch of refinement. Module 3 focuses on the crucial steps of editing and revising your manuscript.

Editing Essentials

Demystify the editing process. Learn the essential techniques to polish your work, making it shine and stand out in the crowded literary landscape.

Navigating Feedback

Discover the art of receiving and incorporating feedback. Your story isn't created in isolation, and Module 3 guides you on the journey of improvement through collaboration.


1. Self Editing

2. Close Circle Editing

3. Professional Editing

Module 4

Publishing Strategies


Navigating the Publishing Sea

Now that your manuscript sparkles, it's time to set sail into the vast sea of publishing. Module 4 unveils the mysteries of the publishing process.

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

Explore the different avenues of publishing, from traditional to self-publishing. We'll help you make an informed decision aligned with your goals.

Agent Hunt

Need an agent? Module 4 spills the beans on finding the right literary companion to champion your work.


1. Type of Publishing Methods

2. Prepare for a Publishing House

3. Self Publishing

4. Self Publishing Agency

Module 5

Book Promotion


Crafting Your Online Platform

Your journey doesn't end with publishing; it's just the beginning. Module 5 focuses on promoting and marketing your masterpiece.

Author Branding Essentials

Build your writer's platform with tips on creating a compelling online presence. Master the basics to promote and sell your book in the digital realm.

Sell Your Tale

Learn the essentials of book promotion. From captivating blurbs to effective marketing strategies, Module 5 ensures your story reaches the audience it deserves.
Join the Birdhaus Writers Online Course, where the quill meets the digital age, and let's create stories that resonate, one word at a time. Dive into the art of storytelling, and let your journey as an author begin!


1. Author Branding

2. Book Title

3. Book Launch

4. Book Marketing & Sales Funnel

Course Instructor


Meet Ana

Learn from an experienced writer and book coach.

My name is Ana, I´m a mom with an established corporate career and the author of two books. I'm the founder of Birdhaus Writers, a digital community for writers who are looking to write and publish their books. Since 2020, I've been helping writers transform their book dreams into reality. Since then, I proudly display Birdhaus Writers on my bookshelf, and I’m looking forward to having more!

Birdhaus Published Writers


Thank you to the Birdhaus Writers Group with Ana Tediosi, Elodie, Francesca, Ruzica and Sandra for your continuous support through this process. It has been amazing living this book writting journey together despite the hardships of life and lockdowns.


Lisa Franco

Author of Go Figure
/ TEDx speaker


To my fellow Birdhaus Writers and Ana, thank you for creating the best accountability space to make the wtiting actually happen! Our forthnightly meetings behind our screens throughout the pandemic and sharing our writing journeys will always be a part of birthing this book.


Sandra Mckhail

Author of Gut Chronicles


Thank you Ana (& other) from Birdhaus Writers Group for your consistent cheering, sharing and guidance. 


Elodie Caucigh

Author of Easily You

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