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Thank you to the Birdhaus Writers Group with Ana Tediosi, Elodie, Francesca, Ruzica and Sandra for your continuous support through this process. It has been amazing living this book writting journey together despite the hardships of life and lockdowns.


Lisa Franco

Author of Go Figure
/ TEDx speaker


To my fellow Birdhaus Writers and Ana, thank you for creating the best accountability space to make the wtiting actually happen! Our forthnightly meetings behind our screens throughout the pandemic and sharing our writing journeys will always be a part of birthing this book.


Sandra Mckhail

Author of Gut Chronicles


Thank you Ana (& other) from Birdhaus Writers Group for your consistent cheering, sharing and guidance. 


Elodie Caucigh

Author of Easily You



Birdhaus Free Masterclass

Our Birdhaus Free Masterclass is the perfect way to get started on your writing journey. This concise summary of all the book stages includes guidance on how to structure your book, as well as tips and tricks to help you along the way. With our masterclass, you'll have the tools you need to unlock your writing potential.


Birdhaus Writers Online Course

Our Birdhaus Online Course is a detailed course of five modules that includes the Birdhaus Writers workbook with precise exercises on how to shape your content, strategize your publishing and promotion with the help of AI. With our online course, you'll have the knowledge and skills you need to write and publish your book.


Accountability Group

Our Birdhaus Writers Accountability Group is here to support you on every step of your writing journey. Our group provides a safe and supportive environment for aspiring writers to share their work, get feedback, and stay motivated. With our accountability group, you'll have the support you need to write and publish your book.


One-to-One coaching

The one to one session provides a tailored approach for every book, fiction and nonfiction book. It does not matter in which languages you are writing or the kind of book, the one to one session will dig into your unique needs and find the best solution for you.  


Publishing and Promotion

The Birdhaus team is ready to assist you in shaping and enhancing your publishing and promotion strategy. We provide comprehensive support throughout all stages of these processes. For more information, book a free 30-minute consultancy with us. Discover how we can optimize your online presence and drive success in your endeavors.

FREE Masterclass

How to Write and Publish your book

Not quite ready to fully commit with Birdhaus at the moment? No Worries! You have the option to enrol in the Birdhaus FREE Masterclass insead.

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The FREE BIRDHAUS WRITERS MASTERCLASS is a journey of transformation, designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to bring your book idea to life writing dreams to fruition within 30 min.

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