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From pivoting seamlessly from a coworking haven to a dynamic digital community to witnessing over 20 writers finding their literary voice under Birdhaus's wing, each success story paints a vibrant portrait of growth and resilience.

Birdhaus Success Stories

Amid the digital pages of Birdhaus's narrative, success stories unfold like well-crafted chapters. From pivoting seamlessly from a coworking haven to a dynamic digital community to witnessing over 20 writers finding their literary voice under Birdhaus's wing, each success story paints a vibrant portrait of growth and resilience. The triumphs of 4 writers who not only wrote but successfully published and promoted their books stand as living proof of Birdhaus's transformative influence on aspiring authors.

Writers' Triumphs

Within the tapestry of Birdhaus's literary realm, the triumphs of aspiring writers weave a story of determination and accomplishment. The pivotal shift from a traditional coworking model to a digital writing sanctuary has allowed over 20 writers to find their narrative voice and navigate the intricate landscape of book writing. As 4 writers celebrate the tangible success of writing, publishing, and promoting their books, Birdhaus stands as both a mentor and a muse, fostering a community where each triumph becomes a shared victory.

Birdhaus Published Writers


Thank you to the Birdhaus Writers Group with Ana Tediosi, Elodie, Francesca, Ruzica and Sandra for your continuous support through this process. It has been amazing living this book writting journey together despite the hardships of life and lockdowns.


Lisa Falco

Author of Go Figure
/ TEDx speaker


To my fellow Birdhaus Writers and Ana, thank you for creating the best accountability space to make the wtiting actually happen! Our forthnightly meetings behind our screens throughout the pandemic and sharing our writing journeys will always be a part of birthing this book.


Sandra Mckhail

Author of Gut Chronicles


Thank you Ana (& other) from Birdhaus Writers Group for your consistent cheering, sharing and guidance. 


Elodie Caucigh

Author of Easily You

Writers Testimonials


It's not every day that you find a mentor who not only imparts wisdom but also creates a nurturing and intimate environment for learning. That's exactly what Ana has done through her online book writing club. From the very beginning, her deep knowledge and passion for writing were evident, guiding us new writers through the intricate process of book creation — from the first spark of an idea to the complexities of publishing.


What sets Ana’s club apart is the wonderfully cozy and intimate atmosphere she fosters. Our discussions are not just informative but also incredibly engaging and warm, making every session something to look forward to. In this safe and supportive space, we freely share our progress, discuss our challenges, and celebrate our milestones. The sense of camaraderie among the group is truly special.


Moreover, I particularly appreciate the accountability aspect of the club. Knowing that we are all in this journey together, supporting and motivating each other, has been immensely helpful in keeping me on track with my writing goals.


In summary, Ana’s book writing club is more than just an instructional course — it's a community of passionate writers growing and learning together. I am incredibly grateful for the experience and would recommend it to any aspiring author looking for guidance, support, and a sense of belonging.

Mariska Praktiek

CEO, Co-Founder / The Athena Group AG


I joined Ana’s group to start writing my journal for kids based on positive psychology. I would say I’m not a good writer and wanted some guidance and commitment. The group helped me enormously to overcome my fears and insecurities about writing. I could finish the draft and Ana instructed us in a very structured and engaging way how to do it. Without Birdhaus Writers I wouldn’t have finished the first project. The journal became a homework booklet of the exercises for my book currently used by some private schools in Zurich.

Ruzika Dimova

Author, Digital Marketing - Digital Consulting

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Writing a book is a rewarding yet lonely and difficult process. Self-doubt and self-criticism accompanies the writer throughout his/her journey. For me, being a part of Birdhaus writers gave me a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded individuals, it kept me accountable on my writing goals and having Ana`s input and experience in writing and publishing books was priceless. Along the way, not only did I learn so much about writing, editing and publishing but I was given specific, hands on tools to manage the self-doubt that would inevitably come my way. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about writing a book, you wont regret it!

Assem Klammsteiner

Owner of Simply Soup

Participant of the Accountability Group

Zürich, Switzerland


Thank you Ana for guiding me and all the other wonderful ladies in the Birdhaus Writers Group on our journey to become best selling authors. With your deep compassion and shared expertise, I was able to overcome fears, blocks and self sabotage during the book writing process. The accountability and created safe space of the whole group, supported me in trusting my message to the world through my book, and in feeling celebrated for every small breakthrough along the way!

Angela Ramel

Author of The Goddess Journey: Feminine Playbook to More Pleasure, Purpose and Power

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Meet Ana

Learn from an experienced writer and book coach

My name is Ana, I´m a mom with an established corporate career and the author of two books. I'm the founder of Birdhaus Writers, a digital community for writers who are looking to write and publish their books. Since 2020, I've been helping writers transform their book dreams into reality. Since then, I proudly display Birdhaus Writers on my bookshelf, and I’m looking forward to having more!

Ambition Factor

What is happening to the goals of all the ambitious women in the world after they have a child? What stands between an ambitious working mother’s goals and her success? What does Ambition mean to us today?
Ambition Factor is a discovery journey about the reality of ambitious professional mothers today. It’s a tale with the intention of rewriting the meaning of ambition, the narrative of working mothers and the way women achieve their goals and well-being.



Four stories, four lives entwined, four people who know nothing about each other, despite living in the same building. Through a series of every day scenes, it soon becomes apparent that behind the characters’ mundane existence lies a life of solitude and missed opportunities. There is Andrea, the broken-hearted chef; Jessica, the career woman looking for the perfect man; Philipp, the heart throb who refuses to settle down; Antonio, a melancholy old man who survives on memories alone.

One day, the three youngest tenants meet and decide to go on holiday to the seaside together. What they are about to experience will be unexpected, intense, passionate and all-consuming, and their lives, and the building they share, will never be the same again.

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