Welcome to Birdhaus Writers world!
Writing and publishing a book isn't a solitary work.

Birdhaus want to help female writers to bring their books from idea to publishing. 

Thanks to experts' advise, accountability groups and events, we support you to achieve your dream:

hold your published book in your hands!




Birdhaus Writers is an accountability group for female writers who want to bring their books from concept to publication. Thanks to facilitated monthly group meetings, expert advice, and a series of events and workshops, we will help you bring your book to life! 


Inclusion criteria:

  • You are a woman writer with a goal
  • You can write in any language
  • You work any writing project: book, blog, newsletters, articles,...
  • Your book stage can be from idea to the editing phase.
  • You are ready to share ideas, support others and have fun!
  • We ask for a minimum of 6 months of commitment to be able to create a committed group.

The Feather



Series of monthly events on writing and publishing books! 

Open to everyone who:

  • is thinking about writing a book
  • has started writing a book
  • has a manuscript and don’t know what to do
  • is looking for publishing solutions
  • is willing to share it’s own writing and/or publishing journey
  • or just interested about writing,  publishing and books


You are a writer and you have at least 50% of your manuscript. It is time to think further and understand what writing and publishing a book implies. 

Take a moment to think: what do you need?

Watch our video and learn more: Video 

Birdhaus can help you self publish your book. Take a look at our offers and book a meeting with us if you want to know more.



You find your own editor.

You create your own marketing and distribution strategy

Birdhaus provides support for:

book cover and layout, printing, online publishing.

You get 100 printed book copies and 100% royalties. 



You need support on editing and promotion to make sure your book has good quality and will reach a good audience.

Birdhaus provides support for:

editing, layout, promotion.

You get 100 printed book copies and 100% royalties


You need full support to bring your manuscript from your computer to life. 


Birdhaus provides support for:

Editing, layout, personal branding, landing page, marketing strategy, promotion, book launch party... and anything else you need.  

You get 100 printed book copies and 100% royalties. 

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