The Rise of the Corporate Author


How often have you found yourself yearning to write your own story amidst the hustle of your corporate life? The dream of becoming a published author can feel like the siren song calling from beyond the towers of your meetings, Excel spreadsheets, and video calls. It’s the kind of yearning buried under a busy calendar, feared and forbidden, perceived as a departure from the professional grind that often shapes and constrains our identity.

Exploding Misconceptions: The Corporate Mask vs. the Author Within

There’s a perception that the public expression of creativity, particularly through writing, might be tarnishing one’s corporate persona. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In the age of storytelling and personal branding, the corporate world yearns for authenticity and unique narratives more than ever. Your story, your insights, and your wisdom as an author can not only complement your professional identity but can uniquely enhance it.

Consider the narrative you’re already crafting within your company. Every presentation, every project, and every innovation pitch is an act of storytelling. What if, during one such act, you uncovered not only the corporate truths but the universal human ones that resonate beyond industry jargon and KPIs? Writing a book is not just about the author but also about building a legacy and sharing experiences and knowledge.

Embracing the Writer’s Journey as a Path to Professional Growth

A book is the pinnacle of personal achievement, a testament to discipline, creativity, and the human capacity to connect. As a corporate professional, the skills and qualities you utilize in the realm of business can seamlessly translate into the art of writing and publishing. The methodical planning of a marketing strategy echoes the intricacies of drafting a business plan. The resilience to navigate rejections from publishers mirrors the tenacity required to push through market downturns and pivot business models.

Each page written, each reader engaged, is a stepping stone to a more profound impact. Writing a book is a commitment—a commitment to fostering your personal growth and to contributing to the collective wisdom of your industry and the wider world.

Nurturing the Creative Core: A Corporate Author’s Blueprint

How does one kickstart this journey of becoming a corporate author? The answer lies in tapping into your core creative self and weaving it into the fabric of your professional life. Here’s a blueprint to guide you:

1. Embrace Authenticity and Vulnerability

Strip down the armor of your professional facade and let your story be a medium of human connection. Your readers are seeking the start-up founder who embraces failure, the corporate leader who triumphs against daunting odds, and the leader who faces challenging mergers and acquisitions.  Be that story.

2. Carve Out Writing Time in Your Workday

If every task in the P&L has a slot in your calendar, allocate one for nurturing your creative investment. Whether it’s at the start of the day or during your lunch break, defend your writing time with the same vigor as you do your business meetings.

3. Leverage Your Corporate Network

From content validation to book launch event collateral, your corporate network is a gold mine of resources. Every person you’ve digitized in your LinkedIn profile is a potential ally in your authorial quest. Don’t hesitate to engage them in your journey.

4. Blend the Corporate with the Creative

Your book doesn’t have to be an escape from your day job; it can be its extension. Tie in your industry expertise with the broader narrative. Write about the leadership lessons learned from the Wall Street of the 80s or the marketing wisdom distilled from Silicon Valley’s biggest flops.

A Corporate Author’s Legacy

The legacy of a corporate author is layered. It’s about daring to be more than your job description; it’s a testament to the multidimensionality of your being. You are not just a VP, a manager, an analyst, or an HR associate. You are a thinker, a storyteller, and a visionary.

In the grand tapestry of the corporate world, each published book is a bold stitch, a departure from the monotony, a burst of color that catches the eye and ignites conversation. It’s a legacy that ignites, inspires, and elevates beyond the realms of industry.


In the end, I urge you not to view the corporate world and the writing life as two separate entities in conflict, but as two paths that can enrich and empower each other. Your story, your insights, and your unique experiences are a powerful legacy waiting to be penned. It’s time to step from the boardroom to the bookshelf and add your voice to the growing chorus of corporate authors.

The time is now. The story is yours. Will you write it?

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