Understanding your Brand while Writing a Book


You’ve penned your manuscript, intricately woven through pages, lines, and chapters of what could be a bestseller. But wait—in the rush to share your story with the world, have you neglected the one tale that could be the turning point in your author’s journey? We’re talking about your writer’s personal brand and just how crucial it is to the success of your literary venture.

And trust me, it’s not a mere buzzword meant for the Scholasticas and Steinbecks of the world; each of us, from novice scribblers to seasoned novelists, has a personal brand. Let’s explore why understanding and nurturing it is as vital as the ink and paper themselves.

You’re More Than a Name on a Book Spine

Before diving into the intricacies of branding, let’s strip the concept down to its essence. Your writer’s brand is the perceptual package your audience associates with you. It’s the promises you make implicitly through your writing style, genre, the stories you choose to tell, or the voice you carry. For writers, especially first-timers, discovering and clarifying this brand can be transformative.

To understand your author brand, consider your ‘why’. Is your book an extension of your personal philosophy that you want to share? A business strategy to elevate your entrepreneurial status? A step toward thought leadership? Or is it simply a story to entertain and move readers? Each answer shapes your brand’s purpose.

Let’s take this one step further. If your ‘why’ anchors in personal philosophy, your brand might echo authenticity and depth. If you want to leverage your book for business, a professional and solution-oriented brand might be fitting. Thought leaders project authority. Entertainment value comes from brands that showcase versatility and human connection.

The Writer’s Vibes

Is your writing style modern and upbeat? Classic and scholarly? Edgy and provocative? The ‘vibes’ you emit say a lot about the core of your writer’s brand. Think of your brand as an emotional subscription; it sets the tone for the content of your book, drawing like-minded readers to your literary niche.

An author’s journey is a continuous narrative, just like a career or a life. Your writing brand evolves with you. Share this evolution in your author’s story, blog posts, and social media. Transparency about your growth and changes in your writing can engage readers on a deeper level and make them a part of your brand’s narrative.

Look up at your favorite authors 

Looking at role models in the writing industry can be incredibly educational. How did J.K. Rowling’s personal brand amplifies the heartfelt underdog themes of Harry Potter. What did Stephen King’s horror brand do for genre fiction as a whole? Learn from these giants to refine and develop your unique brand story.

Implementing Your Personal Writer’s Brand

You’ve defined your writer’s brand, crafted its persona, and fine-tuned its vibe; now it’s time to showcase it. Every touchpoint with readers should reflect the values and promises of your brand. From your author website to your Instagram bio, from book signings to podcast interviews, your brand must shine through with consistency and clarity.

While consistent branding is important, don’t let it stifle your creativity or pigeonhole you. Remember, personal branding should empower, not constrict. It’s about finding an authentic representation of your writing that you can carry with confidence, not about fitting into a mold that doesn’t fit.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to branding. Embrace what makes you unique as a writer. That could be your storytelling approach, writing style, or even the anecdotes you share from your personal life. Authenticity is the cornerstone of a strong writer’s brand.

Evolving Your Brand Alongside Your Craft

Your brand is not static, and neither should be your approach to it. As you grow as a writer, your brand expands with the new themes and styles you might explore. Don’t be afraid to adapt your branding strategy. Remember, like a good book, your writer’s brand should have the page-turning ability to captivate and excite.

In a world where readers often choose books based on author reputation and resonance, neglecting your writer’s brand is a missed opportunity. It’s about creating a pull that draws readers to not just your books but to YOU. An author with a compelling brand stands out in the crowded literary marketplace, inviting success with each step.

Wrapping Up: The Fairytale Ending of Writer’s Brand Success

The journey of understanding and enhancing your writer’s brand isn’t about becoming another ‘product’ in the literary world. It’s about declaring your unique voice in a way that makes a lasting impression. It’s about carving an identity that resonates deeply with readers, enticing them to take a walk in the world you’ve woven.

Your brand as a writer is not just a story; it’s THE story that sets the scene for the tales you’ll tell, the relationships you’ll form, and the success you’ll garner in the writing world. It’s the enriching narrative that paves the way for a fairytale ending—albeit, a fairytale you script with every word, every edit, every decision, and most importantly, every connection you make.

So, I ask you, dear writer, isn’t it time to give your story, your personal brand, the attention it deserves? Begin your branding journey and let the world see the masterpiece that goes beyond words, beyond cover art, and right into the heart of your literary legacy. Your future bestseller might just thank you for it.

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